June 5, 2024

[Week 1 of June]

CAMEL-AI Release Notes

Release Notes Summary:

Hey everyone! We’re excited to share some major updates to our framework that enhance functionality and user experience. This release introduces new features, integrations, and crucial bug fixes. So, here’s what’s new!

🛠 Tool updates:

  • 🛠 Improved auto retrieval pipeline: We’ve just added citation for detailed metadata and `information_retrieval` function calling to the 🐫 CAMEL-AI RAG pipeline! Now agent can make use of information_retrieval as a tool which improves the auto retrieval pipeline. Kudos to our contributor Wendong-Fan for this update. 🤝 Explore more here
  • 🚀 Automatic API Calling with OpenAPI : We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking feature enhancement for the 🐫 CAMEL project — automatic API calling for APIs that adhere to the OpenAPI Specification (OAS). This update broadens our integration capabilities, now supporting APIs like Klarna, Coursera, and Speak, making the CAMEL ecosystem more versatile than ever! Big thanks to our contributor yiyiyi0817 for making this happen. 🤝 Explore more here

🐛Bug fixes:

  • 📝 Code Quality and Compliance Update: We’ve refined import statements, clarified type-ignore warnings, and fixed a bug in Opensourceconfig involving mutable dataclass initialization. Additionally, the find_children retriever class now complies with the Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP). Big thanks to our contributor ocss884 for making this happen. 🤝 Explore more here
  • 🔄 Liskov Substitution Principle improvements: We’ve updated the retriever module to follow the Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP) and switched utils functions to use GPT-3.5-TURBO . Slow real HTTP requests in bm25_retriever tests were optimized, and image capabilities for ChatAgent were enabled. Kudos to our contributor Wendong-Fan for this update. 🤝 Explore more here

💡Other updates:

  • 🔄 Config Refactor and Clean-Up: We’ve removed ChatGPTVisionConfig and GPT_4_TURBO_VISION. This update also includes refactoring configs.py into a configs/ folder. Thanks zechengz for working on this. 🤝 see more here.

🐫Thanks from everyone at CAMEL-AI

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