CAMEL:  Communicative Agents for “Mind” Exploration of Large Language Model Society

Mission is an open-source community dedicated to the study of autonomous and communicative agents. We believe that studying these agents on a large scale offers valuable insights into their behaviors, capabilities, and potential risks. To facilitate research in this field, we provide, implement, and support various types of agents, tasks, prompts, models, datasets, and simulated environments.

Join us via Slack, Discord, or WeChat in pushing the boundaries of building AI Society.

 Live Demo

Make agents chat to each other in real time given your own topic

Chat with a chatbot running a CAMEL model

Explore CAMEL dataset, see the historic record of agent chat

 Recorded  Demo

Creat a treasure hunt game: Python Programmer & Gamer

Take control of the world: Hacker & AGI

Molecular dynamics simulation: Computational Chemist & Poor PhD Student

CAMEL ChatBot Coding Demo


We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the incredible contributors for their invaluable efforts.